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Welcome to the Spacebar Mafia site.

Spacebar Mafia is a group of mature people looking to have a good time Dropping Bosses and Killing IMPS.  Most people in the guild have been playing MMO's for a long time.  We are a serious / casual guild.   We like to have fun but are serious about it.  We do understand that people have lives outside of the game and they will take priority over a game.  

Our goal is to be running the hardest content that is available.  We do expect our members to put time into there toons.  Do not expect to be running OPS with us just after you turn 50 and still are in greens.  You put the time in and gear up with a great understanding of your class and you will get a spot in the OPS group.   OPS group spots are earned not just given.  Just because you may have an OPS spot one week does not guarantee you will have it the next.

We are not totaly hardcore elitist but we do expect you to understand your class and do some research into how to maximize your toon.   We do expect you to look at the videos for boss fights before you get into an OPS.  Doing this will maximize our OPS time.
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Oniho, Mar 23, 12 12:40 PM.
We are currently recruiting all republic classes.
Galactic Republic
Sage-High Shadow-Low Apply
High Apply
High Apply
Really High Apply
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